3D Printed EDC from MakeGear

An ongoing project here at MakeGear has been using 3D printing technology to develop better solutions for the gear we all carry every day (EDC).

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The Ultralight Utility Knife 

ULUK 1.0 (stable) $6 

Simply a sharp knife in a ultralight form factor. With a blade of 1.25" and only 22g (or 0.6oz), you forget you are carrying it! I have used the ULUK for everything from box cutting, to drywall, to cutting poly irrigation pipe: it performs like a full-sized utility knife! Since utility blades are easy to find, this is the knife I always take on flights; I just pick up a blade at a convenience store at my destination.

The cap is retained by a common elastic hair band and can be removed with one hand. I have never had one come open in my pocket. I keep mine on a length of paracord with my keys, and use the clip as a "key dangler".

Testers have found the ULUK great for survival kits, "level-one" survival gear, gifts, and every-day use. The ULUK is perfect to use while keeping a larger knife sharp and clean for more critical tasks.

ULUK 2.0 (beta) $10

Adding features to the classic ULUK: fire striker, whistle, screwdriver bit holder. Still in a compact form factor, and under an ounce, it packs a lot of utility into a tiny knife! The cap includes a fire-striker that you can use with the back of the utility blade. The handle contains two hex bit holes, so you can add screwdriver utility to this tiny knife. The user can even blow across one of these holes as an emergency whistle.

Version 2.0 incorporates feedback from early users. The cap is still retained by a common hair elastic, but adds a tactile click to increase retention. The handle is a little bit longer. The pocket clip is a little bit further back, so the ULUK 2 rides lower in your pocket.

The Pocket Organizer

Available in several sizes, the MakeGear Pocket Organizer is really versatile. One inch elastic bands ride in slots across both sides of a 3d printed plastic card. They retain small items on the front side, and large flat items across the back. Stick the organizer in  your pocket, or in your pack.

Small  $10

The front has three rows by two columns of elastic loops. The back has three rows and one column. Includes cable wrap feature, and lanyard holes to attach "dummy cords" to your essential gear. Fits in a back pocket as a wallet or the front pocket as an organizer, or use it in a pack pocket. Includes a cord wrap feature for earphones, cordage, or whatever.

Large $20

On the front are three rows and four columns of elastic loops. The back has one column of loops across three rows. This organizer is perfect for keeping all your gear handy and organized in a pack pocket.

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