Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Journaling and reflecting

How big of an impact do you feel that journaling/reflecting has made on your learning to this point in the course? How much of an annoyance has it been to this point?

I believe that journaling and reflecting are good processes to use. I often have thoughts about an issue, but until I try to write them down they are un-formed and unorganized. So journaling helps.

An annoyance, not really.

As an educator, I like the journaling assignments, because they make students slow down and think (as stated above), but they are also easy to plan and assign. I can use the same journal prompt for most assignments. Then I just read their log and assign participation points.

BTW, Adam, you are probably the only hit this blog will get this month!
edit: I was wrong! I went and looked at the stats, and I had 450 hits this month. Wow I had no idea.

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