Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Simple Bivy Sack


  • generous sizing
  • light weight
  • DWR (durable water repellent) upper 
    • designed for use under a tarp
  • silnylon lower
  • 36" of no-see-um mesh over face
  • drawstring closure
  • can use a cord or pole to suspend the head end.
I took inspiration for this design from the following sources:
All materials were ordered from www.backwoodsdaydreamer.com
  • 1 yard: 1.1oz ripstop uncoated with DWR (gray) 
  • 2 yards: 1.4oz silnylon 2nds (navy blue)
  • 1yard: no-see-um mesh
  • some 3/32 drawcord and cord locks
Step by Step

Lay out the silnylon on the floor. Cut it in half so you have two pieces 36" by 60". Sew them along the short side so your piece is 36x120" You will trim it to length later. Sew it with a flat felled seam. 

flat felled seam

Lay out the grey breathable nylon and the bug mesh on the floor. Locate their center points and sew them together as shown in the graphic. Trim off the extra corners of the bug mesh. 

Now stack your two pieces on top of each other (remember to assemble the bivy inside out). Sew around the outside with a flat seam. Then sew around again with a rolled edge. 

Cut off the extra silnylon at the mouth of the bivy. It should be about 24" long.

Sew a drawstring channel around the opening of the bivy. Thread a cord and cordlock.

"Box" the foot area. Pull the gray fabric at the corner of the foot away from the blue fabric. Stitch across the resulting triangle.  This makes the footbox area of the bivy taller and narrower. 

Turn the bivy right side out and crawl in. Cinch it closed, and find a spot right over your face. Mark it with a sharpie. Sew a 4x4" patch of silnylon over that spot on the inside of the mesh. This is a reinforcement so you can use a stick or pole to raise the head of the bivy over your face (if camping w/o a tarp). 
Next heat up a nail or screw over a candle and melt a hole through the mesh and the reinforcement patch. Run a drawstring through it and add a cordlock. This is the suspension point to keep the mesh off your face.

Stuff Sack
Cut a piece of silnylon 11" by 12". Fold one end over for a drawstring channel, and sew it with a rolled edge. Fold the piece over and sew around the side and bottom. Turn it right side out, thread a drawstring. DONE!


Weight:     9 oz
Cost:          $18.50 (plus shipping)
Time:         4 hours (It should have been half that, I'm still having sewing machine problems. grrr!)

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