Friday, February 15, 2013

Silnylon Backpack

I made my first "Jardine Style" pack years ago. It was ugly, crude and a little too large. I could put too much stuff in it for it's weight-carrying ability. It had some weird features (stiff webbing for shoulder straps, with rubber bands to attach socks for padding (didn't work, ugly, smelly...) I eventually duct-taped some chunks of padding from my ridgerest pad for shoulder straps. This worked surprisingly well, but was still ugly. There was no hipbelt. Just because Ray doesn't use one, don't mean I want to do without.

Still, that first pack opened the door for further experimentation. 

My second pack was made of some mystery-cordura nylon from the discount bin. It had/has "real" shoulder straps, and a winged (but not padded) hipbelt. It featured a water bottle pocket on one side, a top flap pocket, and a sleeve pocket on the left side to carry my Takedown 22 rifle (which I was really excited about at the time) This pack was about the same size as V1, but a little heavier construction. It weighs around 20oz and uses my pad coiled inside as a stiffener. Still a good pack, and I use it from time to time. But it's 10 years old, and my gear is now lighter, smaller and more compact.

Pack V3... all sylnylon... I don't want to talk about it :(

Now this fourth one is "Just Right"!  A little smaller, a lot lighter, and fewer "Features".

  • 11" X 6.5" X 23"
  • Drawstring closure
  • Stretch-cordura on the shoulder straps for a tight, almost professional fit (I salvaged the stretch from an old pair of bike shorts... but I washed them an extra time beforehand)
  • no-see-um water-bottle pockets on both sides - and that's all!
  • simple compression system on the back.
  • simple un-padded hipbelt

I could post instructions, but they are easy to find from the above link. I'm a little concerned about the thin silnylon, but folks have been making light packs for a long time... I hope it will hold up.

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  1. What happened with the all silnylon pack? Im trying to figure what material i am going to use