Tuesday, February 26, 2013

quit performance... some changes required :(

OK, I used the quilt outside the other night. Temps were down to 30 deg F. I set up a poncho tarp, lightweight bivy, and a Ridgerest pad for an accurate test.

I made it to about 1:00 am before calling it quits. So disappointing!

My legs and upper body were plenty warm, but my hips/midsection were plagued by a cold spot. The reason was like this: I sleep on my side, so my hips are the highest part. The down drifts down to the edges of the quilt, leaving a thin/cold spot in the middle, where it covers my hips.

Possible Solutions:

  1. pull the stitching on the least full quilt channels and add more down so that the channel will be full.
  2. shake the down to the middle of the quilt, and add some stabilizing stitching. This will keep the down in the middle, at the expense of loft in the edges of the quilt.

I'm going to choose option 2. I think the quilt is warm enough, it just needs to keep the down in the middle where it will do some good. I think this will be a comfortable 30 degree quilt (in a bivy, w/ my hiking clothes, on a pad, etc).  Not bad for 18oz!

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