Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10/22 takedown stock

Many years ago, I wanted to convert my Ruger 10/22 .22LR rifle into a take-down rifle. At the time, there were no good aftermarket options for this, so I improvised. It worked great!

 You can see that the stock has simply been cut off in front of the barrel retainer so that it's two screws are exposed.

I cut out a slot in the comb of the stock to hold the allen wrench required for takedown. Removing or installing the barrel takes under a minute.

The stock also has been modified with mag-cutouts to hold two ten-round rotary magazines (in addition to the one in the receiver).

A simple case finishes it off. It retains all the original accuracy (or more, now that the barrel is "free floated") because the sites are both on the barrel. I have rarely used this gun with a scope, but point of aim didn't change much after barrel removal and re-installation. Frankly, POA was affected more by my shooting than by the switch.

IT'S SLICK!! This project makes me wonder why Ruger spent so much (and charges so much) for their takedown 10/22 version when any old wooden stock can be modified for pennies.

(PS... I'm kicking around the idea of offering these for sale in 3D printed ABS plastic... is anyone interested?)

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  1. This is a great idea. I use an aftermarket stock most of the time but love the idea of converting my old stock to a take down stock. Love the idea of milling out the stock to hold spare mags. What would you charge for a 3D printed ABS model?

    Thanks for sharing!